Description of our Law Firm:

The Sanchez-Gamborino Law Firm was established more than 50 years ago. It was founded by the Barrister-at-Law Mr Francisco Miguel Sanchez Gamborino in 1950 and since then has specialized in Transport Law especially by road, both for passengers and goods, and transport related activities.

At present, the Barrister-at-Law Mr Francisco Jose Sanchez-Gamborino is the director.

Member of the Barrister's-at-Law Association (Madrid) since 1978.

University Diploma in Advanced Studies for Doctorate in Law with "First-class" mark.

Qualified as Legal Advisor for companies at the School of Legal Practice (University of Madrid).

Correspondent in Spain of IDIT (Institute for International Transport Law. Rouen, France).

Correspondent in Spain of UNIDROIT (Institute for the Unification of Private Law, Rome, Italy)

Member of the Board of Directors and President of the Working Group “Transport Insurance” in AIDA (International Association of Insurance Law), Spanish section – SEAIDA.

Legal Advisor to ASTIC (Association of International Road Transport Companies, Madrid)

Sole Spanish member and Vicepresident of the Committee for Legal Affairs of the IRU (International Road Transport Union . Geneva, Switzerland)

Teacher and Organizer of several conferences and Speaker in various national and international congresses concerning Transport Law and transport related activities.

President of the IRU “ad hoc” Working Group IRU for the updating of the IRU 1976 model of CMR consignment note.

Author of several books and hundreds of articles about Transport Law, Transport Insurance and other transport related activities.

Gold Medal for merit in transport awarded by the Spanish Association of International Road Transport Companies (ASTIC) (2009)

Gold Medal for merit in transport awarded by the Valencian Federation of Road Transport Companies (FVET) (2010)

The Sanchez-Gamborino Law Firm is a member of the International Legal Assistance Network agreed by the IRU.
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